Effective November 1, 2013 CAWS, Inc. will be moving its Lifelong Learning Center to Brunswick County.
The address is the Chicago Building 115 Saint Paul’s Drive Lawrenceville, VA 23868.

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Caring Arms Will Support (CAWS), a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, was founded in 2008 by Cheryl Ann Wilson-Sprinkle to develop a system of care and support for adults 45 and older to lead independent and dignified lives for as long as possible. CAWS is based on a caring, supportive and team-driven approach that is committed to identifying services and meeting unmet needs. Through coordination, collaboration, volunteers and partnerships CAWS Inc. works to develop new services, enhance existing programs, and pursue funding resources that help to enhance or create new senior focused programs.

Our Mission:

CAWS is a senior service organization that strives to enhance the lives of senior citizens through the creation of programs and facilities that can assist people 45 years and older to be productive, active members of South Central Virginia.

Our Vision:

The long-term vision of Caring Arms Will Support is to provide a holistic one-stop senior center in South Central Virginia. Through coordination of services and collaboration with existing human service, governmental and businesses the senior will receive services that will meet the needs of the whole being.

1. Workforce Development: Seniors will be provided with employment and training skills services in order to help them prepare to re-enter or remain in the workforce. Seniors will be provided with on-the-job training, job shadowing, small business workshops, computer training, resume writing, application completion and interviewing training by qualified trainers who are adept with working with the seniors.

2. Activity Center: Seniors will be provided with a fully functional activity center. The center will boast of having a heated swimming pool, sauna, hot tub, activity room, yoga and Tai Chi classes, a reading room, audio visual room, nutritional cooking classes, crafts as well as games.

3. Respite Care: Seniors who are care-givers will be able to utilize the services at the center to rest, relax and take care of their well-being.

4. Transportation: Providing seniors with the autonomy and freedom that is often lost when they are no longer able to drive is the goal. By contracting with CAWS the senior will be able to receive consistent, clean and reliable chauffeured transportation services.

5. Adult Day-Care: Provide a place where seniors can participant in the activity center while receiving the assistance they need in a monitored environment.

Why support a CAWS? Building a strong support system for seniors is important to everyone, not just to those over a certain age. Aside from the fact that everyone might eventually need such services, the older population is a vital part of each community. They are the roots of our society. Their wisdom is valuable, their knowledge priceless.

Today, the need for senior services is greater than ever. Due to economic shifts, many will need to continue working in their later years. Some who have already retired are finding that they need to return to work just to make ends meet. Those who are living on fixed incomes are finding it harder and harder to afford even life’s smallest pleasures. Young families, under stress themselves, find it difficult to help.

The CAWS dream will bring vitality, hope and peace-of-mind to South Central Virginia families and a new dimension to community spirit through­out the area.

Cheryl Ann Wilson-Sprinkle, Chair & CEO

115 Saint Paul’s Drive
Lawrenceville, VA 23868
Office: (434) 294-8751
Fax: (434) 292-7373

Mailing Address:
Caring Arms Will Support
P.O. Box 1193
Kenbridge, VA 23944

Email: info@caws.cc

Tax deductible contributions may be sent to the above address or may be made online.

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Board Members

Cheryl Ann Wilson -Sprinkle, MPA, BA - CAWS Inc.

Betty Ann Boston, Rev., DD - Rehobeth Ministries

Courtney Petley, LCSW - Piedmont Geriatric Hospital

Heidi Perez - Southside Virginia Community College

In Memoriam
Jerry Ring
former board member

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What does the CAWS logo mean?

The logo was designed with the senior population in mind and the philosophy of CAWS Inc.

o The name CAWS has three key meanings:

· The name of the organization, Caring Arms Will Support
· A homonym of ‘cause’
· The initials of Founder, Chair and CEO, Cheryl Ann Wilson-Sprinkle

o The maple symbolizes strength, endurance, balance, promise, and practicality.

o The fall foliage symbolizes seniors in the autumn of their lives, who have changed, grown and are even more beautiful than they were in their green youth.

o The arms reaching upward symbolize hope, love and compassion that are there to catch, steady, or embrace the senior if and when the need should arise.

o When you look at the entire logo you will realize that it resembles a woman with her arms outstretched. She has strong shoulders and a strong neck to hold up the head that is full of ideas, dreams and the belief that seniors are a special population who can, have, and will continue to grow and learn while contributing to their community, homes and our country.

Cheryl Ann Wilson-Sprinkle, Chair & CEO


I have a friend who started a new job several years ago. He is very handsome, affable and a hard worker with several degrees and is a Licensed Practicing Counselor. He once told me a story about something that happened when he first started a new job. Apparently there was a co-worker whom we both knew who just did not seem to like my friend. So one day my friend, being ever the counselor, decided to sit down and speak privately to this guy. Now I have to say that both guys were simply great in many ways and I happen to like them both but that is beside the point. The conversation, as was told to me by my friend, went something like this: Friend asking question: “I have been working here for several months now and for some reason you appear to not like me and I was wondering if there was something I have done to offend you or make you mad?”Co-Worker’s response to the question: “I just don’t like your face.” Then he got up and left.

What can you say to something like that? Especially since the co-worker effectively put an end to all conversation by getting up and leaving. The answer is nothing. Even though it is hard to accept that there are people in the world who may not like us or find us unpalatable for some reason it is nevertheless what often occurs in the real world. I have personally had people call me ugly names, been verbally abusive and once when I was a kid physically abused. I don’t know why these things occurred and though they hurt me dearly I do know that I will not allow these moments in time rule my life.

So when you are hurt by somebody who is being mean, disrespectful or maybe unknowingly callous just remember that your love for yourself is what is most important, and so what if somebody does not “like your face”. You do and God does so that is what really matters.

Cheryl Ann Wilson-Sprinkle